Our Story

Hello. My name is Jayne Polan, creator of Shampowder.

I must admit that I never imagined myself inventing a product. Up until recently, my career was in television production. But the story of how I came to create Shampowder is a classic tale of necessity being the mother of invention.

Like working women in any industry, a busy schedule made it nearly impossible to keep my hair looking its best. Blow drying my hair took about an hour. I just didn't have time for that every day. And having it blown out at a salon costs a minimum of $40!

That's not to mention all the damage I was doing to my hair. As any stylist will tell you, shampooing too frequently strips hair of moisture and washes out color.  Blow drying dries out hair even more, making it brittle, frizzy and unmanageable.

I read in a beauty magazine that I should try shampooing every couple of days and sprinkle a little baby powder along my hairline and scalp between shampoos. Baby powder helps to absorb oils and pollutants to gently refresh the hair.

The powder definitely revived my hair and gave it more body and bounce, but what a mess! It got all over my clothes. Plus, it made my roots look white.

Then, I had an idea. What if I added pigment to the powder and found a way to apply without any mess? My husband and I found ourselves experimenting in the kitchen every night. I still had no intention of selling my invention; I just wanted something that would save me time and money and look good.

After two years of trial and error, and working with a major cosmetic manufacturer, the formula was just right. Plus, I found that by using a short, firm brush to apply the powder, I could place just the right amount exactly where I needed it. No mess, no fuss. Now I could avoid washing my hair several more days and my hair was healthier because of it.

But the best part is how beautiful my hair looks. Shampowder blends in with my color and leaves my hair feeling fresh, clean and full of body.

I started mixing bottles for friends, as gifts. Before I knew it, word spread, and it seemed like everyone I knew wanted a bottle of Shampowder. 

Now, it's my pleasure to share Shampowder with you. I hope you love it as much as I've loved creating it.


Jayne Polan

When there's no time to spare to wash your hair ... Shampowder!