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"Hello - Just a quick note to let you know I LOVE the new applicator. I always had a hard time getting the powder out of the brush and had developed a system of unscrewing the top and trying to gently tap a small amount where I needed it. Then I would screw the top back on and use the brush. As you can imagine, the potential for mess was great. No problems with the new applicator. BRAVO. Thank you!" - Melissa S.

"Thanks so much for your shipment of Shampowder. It's already a new favorite. I used it for root volume and body on an actresses' hair and it worked beautifully while still allowing the hair to move. Thanks for a great product!" - Scott Williams (Head Hair Stylist for CSI Miami)

"I really do use the Shampowder quite a bit. I liked the Tresemme product decently, but the Shampowder was far superior." - Melissa at LatestBeauty.com

Thank you very much! I love your product. I've tried many hair powders, and like yours the best. I am a natural redhead, and your powder color just disappears in my hair. Most of the powders for red hair are a crazy color not in nature ( I think Ronald McDonald is the inspiration!). Yours I love though. I like the container and application brush in one also. I travel all over the world, and never leave without a container of your hair powder." - Lisa K. Wallis 

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I am using your shampowder and it really saves me time in between washings and saves my hair from damage. I dance and sweat a lot and had to wash my hair every day before but not anymore thanks to your wonderful product." - Sheryl Kaya

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